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235 lbs



Brantford, Canada

Theme Music
“High Voltage” By Linkin’ Park

Wrestling Style:
High Flyer

Finishing Move:
Air Borne

Finishing Move Description:
Springboard cross body (from top ropes or ring apron)

Top Five Moves:
Spike piledriver
Back breaker
Death valley driver

Character Bio:
Zentarous was Thompo’s best friend and they met when Mike (Thompo) moved to Brantford. Going to highschool and living four houses down from each other, they were the best buddies ever. Some people thought they were gay, but there not. Aspiring to loose weight, Shane (Zentarous) accomplished it. He later helped Mike (Thompo) lose weight as well with his own diet/work out plan. Together they decided to train to become pro wrestlers. They now make their way to the sVo to give it a shot.

Entrance Description:

Tag Team Entrance w/Thompo
“High Voltage” By Linkin’ Park plays as the fans get to their feet and wait the arrival of High Voltage the tag team. Thompo and Zentarous make their way down the ramp way and towards the ring. Both men get inside of it and begin to stretch and get ready for their match.

Singles Entrance w/o Zentarous
“High Voltage” By Linkin’ Park plays as the fans get to their feet and wait the arrival of Zentarous from High Voltage the tag team. Zentarous makes his way down to the ramp way and towards the ring. He gets inside of it and begins to stretch as he gets ready for his match.

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The owner of the Sanctioned Violence Organization

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Random Quote

"I have been choked with a hair dryer chord, and a belt for this title. I have been attacked by a fan with a tazer, had my apartment broken into twice by Reaper, had a car door slammed shut on my ankle, and even some chick who thought she was some kind of super villain tried to lower me into a tank full of sharks to get this title belt. "

- Sara Pettis (17th April 2011)

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