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Win / Loss Record

Records correct as of 17th May 2021

Absolute Zero040
Anthony Moretti1030
CJ Dreamer10110
Dale Norman030
Dallas Jordan360
Darren Starr350
Darwin Jones610
El Froggo050
Flip Dixon010
Gunner Lang1450
Hiro Ryuu440
Hugo Ryzing510
Ida Guildress130
Jake Hughes110
Joe Barone410
Johnny All Star19160
Jupiter James420
James Von Drake17283
Lucy Von Drake320
Money Malone400
Nathan Judge9110
Orlando Fox6150
Scott Cole110
Scott Washington890
Sean O’Grady020
Simon Starr350
The Teacher10202
Tom Flynn030
William Vorheez1760
Yoshi Ono820

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Random Quote

"Cody Williams… what a saga we’ve had. Ours is a story spanning ten years and three different wrestling companies, multiple title reigns, several high profile matches and, ultimate, an ill-fated partnership. You’re the ying to my yang, the sun to my moon… the thorn to my side. I want both of you to realize that you’re looking at the next sVo World Heavyweight Champion. I am going to walk into Infamous a champion, and I am going to walk out of Infamous a champion."

- Nathan Paradine (15th May 2011)

Latest Rumours


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PPV Events

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William Vorheez defends his sVo Championship against Scott Washington.