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The Smith Report

A look ahead to Psyko Stevo’s first sVo Championship defence.

The Smith Report – 11th March 2007
By Katie Smith

This week sees Psyko Stevo make his first defence of the sVo World Championship belt since winning it at Roll the Dice against former Champion Mike Polowy, can Stevo go on to hold the belt for as long as Polowy did or will he fall at the first hurdle against Hardcore Champion Night?

A lot of people have been telling me ever since seeing the Showdown preview for episode nineteen that Psyko Stevo is walking out of the Goodfellas Arena on Sunday night with the strap, but I’m not so sure. Sure Stevo is talented enough to win the match, but I am surprised by the lack of confidence that the so-called ‘experts’ have in Night. This guy is the current sVo Hardcore Champion and in my opinion has future World Champion written all over him. Maybe this Sunday will come a little bit too early for Night in his sVo career, but he defiantly has all the ingredients to establish himself in the main event in the near future. Sure he might hold the Hardcore Champion, which isn’t one of the main belts in the sVo, and he may be locked into a feud with Peter Gilmour but Night is defiantly a wrestler on the way up here in the sVo.

In-fact the future is looking bright for the sVo right now. A heard a lot of people backstage worrying about the fact that Mike Polowy and Johnny All Star were out of action, and to be honest I just couldn’t see what there concern was. Sure Polowy has been the franchise of the company since it opened up last year and held the World Championship for a long time, and sure All Star has been a consistent performer week in and week out, but with the fresh blood coming up the ranks in the sVo the future looks brighter than ever. We have a new World Champion, which always breathes fresh air into a federation, and Psyko Stevo is an established performer at the top of his game. Then around him we have several young superstars that are being billed as the second generation of great sVo stars. The so-called first generation of top performers in the sVo consisted of Polowy, All Star, Stevo, Etch and Howie Banks. Stevo and Banks are still here but if you add to that Flawless, Cody Williams and Night you have the second generation of potential main eventers that are more than able to fill into the gap and jump into the main event.

Cody Williams is making a name for himself in the International Championship division whilst Night is obviously doing the same in the Hardcore division. Kelly Flawless’s rise has been massive since joining the company not that long ago and is now odds on favourite all around Vegas to be the man challenging for the World Championship at Destiny. If Psyko Stevo is able to keep the belt until Destiny then a rematch between the two is a mouth watering prospect, and has potential to draw in the biggest PPV buy rates in the history of the company.

Add to that mix the fact that the sVo has recently captured the signatures of newcomers Isaac Hope, Jason Fox, Gunner Lang and the infamous Kerry Milano, and it is easy to see why this summer of the sVo will live long in the memory.

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The owner of the Sanctioned Violence Organization

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