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P:V Events

The P:V Championship Tournament continues whilst J-Money & Sawed Off make their debuts!

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With only 3 Uprising’s to go until the P:V Deadly Habits PPV, the heat is set to be turned up on the roster this...


sVo Proving Grounds 16 is live as the new Roulette Champion Johnny Dorn makes his first title defense, and CJ Dreamer teams up Bronson...


[Press Conference Transcript] Location: Tokyo, JapanDate: 2nd December 2023 [The room is filled with anticipation as journalists and photographers gather for the press conference....

Random Quote

"I have been choked with a hair dryer chord, and a belt for this title. I have been attacked by a fan with a tazer, had my apartment broken into twice by Reaper, had a car door slammed shut on my ankle, and even some chick who thought she was some kind of super villain tried to lower me into a tank full of sharks to get this title belt. "

- Sara Pettis (17th April 2011)

Latest Events

sVo Events

The new Roulette Champion makes his first title defense!

P:V Events

The first ever P:V Tag Team Champions are crowned in the main event!

DW Events

Ben Noble & Kandi Sparks team up in the main event to try and settle some scores, as Matt Anarchy makes a big announcement...