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SHOOT: Project – Here Comes the Rooster

On the heels of what is one of the biggest surprises in SHOOT Project history with the reveal that Jacob Mephisto has recruited the nephew of two wrestling legends in Evan Roy and Damien Roy to join his personal vendetta against Azraith, news is circulating that Timothy Roy – who is calling himself “The Rooster” – has signed a short-term contract to join the SHOOT Project roster. According to the leaked terms of the deal, which was signed just hours after Revolution went off the air, Timothy Roy will compete in any match he is booked in from now through the ApeX Pay-Per-View at no cost, but is guaranteed a one-time payment of $200,000 if he is booked against anyone with the last name “DeMitri” – a condition that would place him ahead of the company’s biggest names and, if he were to face both Azraith and NEMESIS, could stand to make him the highest-paid active SHOOT Project Solider. The terms, if true, are either evidence of how much stock the company is putting in an eventual Roy v. DeMitri rematch or another mind game being played by Mephisto knowing that SHOOT CEO Josh Johnson would need a lot of convincing to actually book a match with that much money on the line. Or does Johnson plan to get his money’s worth by booking The Rooster before ApeX and, if so, who would willingly agree to stand opposite him in the ring?


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