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Ruster Reno

Wrestler Name: ‘Romeo’ Ruster Reno
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 244 lbs.
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Alignment: Heel

Entrance Music: “Satellite” by P.O.D
Entrance Description:

(‘Satellite’ by P.O.D echoes throughout the All State Arena, as the fans rise up in anticipation.)


(There is more or less no reaction from the fans in the arena, as ‘Romeo’ Ruster Reno steps out from behind the curtains. A look of disgust is planted on his face, as he looks across both sides of the entrance ramp.)

#I wonder how clear it must look from there to here
#No obstruction, this selfish corruption
#All in this atmosphere
#No fear, less tears, only time to catch my breath

(Dressed in red pants, red boots, and a tight, red t-shirt, Reno spits towards the fans as he casually strolls down the ramp. Reno flicks off his shades, and stops at the foot of the ramp.)

#I fail to inhale
#Your love constricts my chest
#Confusion blinded me, mental and physically
#And it’s because of you that now I can see

(He slowly walks around the ring towards the ring steps, casually taking a step at a time till he reaches the top – leaning against the ropes whilst facing towards the fans.)

#I fail to inhale
#Your love constricts my chest
#Confusion blinded me, mental and physically
#And it’s because of you that now I can see

(As though he has all the time in the world, he climbs through the ropes and holds him arms aloft, taking in the huge amount of jeers as he does.)

#So now I can run. I follow the Son and ride on to Zion
#And dance this last song of freedom
#But only time will tell, if it’s truly for real
#Can’t change your mind, all I know this is what I feel

(The music cuts out, as Reno steps onto the turnbuckle, showing his body off to the fans, and flexing his muscles to all portions of the crowd.)


PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Reno is always clean shaven, and has very short hair. Arguably, he is a very good looking man, and has an incredible physique. His six-pack is clearly cut, and his muscles are usually bulging. He is slightly tanned, and often oils his body to give it that shine. He has a left and right ear piercing, where he often wears a diamond wrapped in a silver crown on both.
RING ATTIRE: Reno’s ring attire consists of red ankle boots, and red trunks. He also wears red knee pads and elbow pads. On the back of his trunks, the letters, ‘RnR’ are printed in black broad letters with gold trim around them. On his way to the ring, he usually wears a black t-shirt with a picture of his face printed at the front and, ‘Romeo’ at the back. Outside of the ring, he’s usually dressed in a suit, either white or black. Also, you’ll never see him go anywhere without his shades, and likes to fashion a large selection of gold jewellery.

Wrestling Style: Brawler/Technician
Finishing Move: The Makeover (Airplane Spin)
Set Up Move: None
5-10 Other Moves: Romeo’s Remedy (Tombstone Piledriver), Sharpshooter, DDT, Cradle Piledriver, German Suplex, Figure-Four-Leg-Lock, Samoan Drop, Double-Arm DDT, Scissor Kick, Cross-Face Chicken Wing.

Brief Character Overview: A cocky and arrogant man, but no one can doubt that he definitely is a womaniser. He carries a near-perfect body and looks, and always presents himself well. His biggest fear is coming across someone who can rival himself in all these departments, and rivalry soon will turn into hatred. Having won several modelling awards, more famously the runner-up of the New York Model of the Year in 2006, Reno decided to try his hand at wrestling to gain revenge on the actual winner Dan Stein who, at the time, was wrestling at True Talent Wrestling. Since gaining a slight measure of revenge, Reno went back to modelling following the demise of TTW, but now would like to return to wrestling for a different purpose. Not revenge, but success.

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The owner of the Sanctioned Violence Organization

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