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Reichous Marx

Technical Extremist with Muay Thai experience

Real Name: Marcus Myles
Wrestling name: Reichous Marx (Pronounced “RIKE-Chus Marks”)



March 6th, 1985


Joliet, Illinois

Theme Music
“These Walls” by Dream Theater

Wrestling Style:
Technical Extremist with Muay Thai experience. Marx not only has a cheating mindset, but he also takes adoration in taking his opponent off guard as much as possible by ticking them off and making them want to do nothing more than take Marx’s head off — even if it means removing themselves from the gameplan they originally had at the onset of the match. He will spit in his opponent’s face, he will bend the rules as much as possible when the referee isn’t looking, he will execute illegal moves and hits for as long as it takes him to get caught, which normally doesn’t happen. Just when you think you can trust Marx, he takes advantage of your gullibility and runs you into the ground until your wheels fall off.

Finishing Move:
The Marxman’s Touch:

Finishing Move Description:
Irish whip into turnbuckle hard enough to bounce the opponent back toward Marx who in turn executes a devastating high-leg kick to the side of the head.

Top Moves:
Fisherman’s Carry, Snap German Suplex, Belly to Belly Slam, Scoop Sit-down Powerdrop (lands like a Pearl River Plunge), Kimura (Severe arm lock), Rear-Naked Choke, Triangle Choke, Heel Hook, Jump-to-Spin Roundhouse Heel Kick

Character Bio:
Marcus Myles is the son of Killibrew Myles, a multi-billionaire oil tycoon who has been more than once described as one of the top five richest people in the state and the richest of all in Joliet. Marcus took advantage of this as much as he could, taking some of his father’s power under his arm and using it as leverage in his march towards his own personal revolution. Marcus had no intentions of following his father’s footsteps and decided to make the best of his impatience and irritability by getting into wrestling. He began properly by joining his high school’s wrestling division and worked his way through several events, even so much as winning a few shiny medals in the process. Once he graduated high school, the self-described “silver solid rebel” made it a plan to take things toward a higher ground of professionalism. He had gained the talent, the skill, and the experience in this playing field, comparable to his old man, and now he wanted to soak inside the spotlight and make an illuminated name for himself. That he did, by joining an independent promotion by the name of “The Cut”, which had somewhat of a mixed martial arts style art form attached to it.

Here, Marcus dug deep inside himself and found a persona that truly explained the identity he was happily trapped within; Reichous Marx, and also learned several different techniques of martial arts fighting, especially Muay Thai. He was hugely successful, winning several different championships and in no time was at the top of the mountain after what seemed like such a short climb to him. Even though he made it a point to prove to everyone that he had no desire to make friends, no desire to get on anybody’s good side, and was only there to show that he was a one-man pipe bomb set to blow up the entire congregation; to prove that he was truly the unstoppable. And yet, for some bizarre reason, everyone seemed to love him and his attitude. Everyone aspired to have that toxic, reckless abandon that Marcus embellished. So much so that “The Cut” felt it to be a liability. And thus, Marcus was cut from the roster.

After several attempts to find another roster position somewhere else proved to be completely futile, Marcus — with head hung low — turned to his father and became a financial officer of his. As he wallowed in the sadness and misery of being something that he most certainly was not by any means, a call came in from a recruiter, J.R Moses. In this conversation, J.R explained to him that he could find the right place for him and put him in the right position for execution to finally obtain the dream he’s always had since he found a love for this sport: create a revolution and to prove that he, with absolute certainty, is unstoppable. Intrigued, Marcus took J.R up on his offer and hired him as his wingman. The very first assignment was to find Marcus a brand new home to begin this revolution — where it may be, it seemed as though only J.R knew.

Entrance Description:
The creeping guitar feedback of “These Walls” by Dream Theater shows its teeth and snarls at the crowd as the house lights turn green and gold. The feedback rivets back and forth in a rhythm, squealing every once in while, until there’s clarity in the tone. The drop-tuned rhythm gets quicker with more precision and the lights follow the pattern, growing more and more spastic until the rhythm stops. The lights die and there’s a second of silence before:


Large flashes of pyrotechnics go off as the song breaks down. Reichous Marx walks out wearing his wrestling Lycra and a “Silver Solid Rebel” t-shirt. The crowd goes absolutely insane as Marx makes his way to the edge of the stage. He looks to the right, then he looks to the left, slaps his chest three times with both of his hands, bends down and slaps the stage three times, and then shoots a fist to the crowd – setting off the crowd again – before making his way down the ramp. He slides under the bottom rope, gets to his feet, points toward the crowd, runs to the turnbuckle and jumps up to the second tier. He stands there and stares out to the crowd for a few seconds before jumping back down to the mat as the music fades out.

Written By

The owner of the Sanctioned Violence Organization

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