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Psyko Stevo

“The Best Around”Psyko Stevo

214 lbs.


Amityville, MI.

Theme Music
“Butterflies and Hurricanes” by Muse

Wrestling Style:
Mixed Martial Arts with a mixture of technical expertise and some unortodox maneuvers

Finishing Move:
1) Psyklone
2) Psykotic Senton

Finishing Move Description:
1) Psyklone: Run towards ropes like attempting a Lionsault then bounce off the second rope hitting a 360 degree spinning kick into the opponents jaw. (finishes 90% of opponents, has been kicked out of though)

2) Psykotic Senton: 360 degree spinning moonsault from the top of something (top rope, top of the sVo Tron, top of a loading truck, ect.)… no one has ever kicked out of the psykotic senton, (please do not write a match with someone kicking out of it unless you’ve spoke with me first.)

Top Five Moves:
1) The Psyklops: Rake of the eyes, boot to the misection, sweep of the feet

2) The Widowmaker: Tajiri’s Tarantula (illegal)

3) Kicks to the back of the kneecap (a la Ken Shamrock)

4) Boot to the midsection followed up by a a double arm DDT

5) The Psykosis: Tornado DDT off the top rope

Character Bio:
An orphpan who has never found his real parents; Stevo was raised by the sadistic and abusive Dr. Cornelius Robinson (deceased as of 2005) in his Amityville Shelter for Wayward Orphans. Stevo’s been in the wrestling game for over a decade, winning titles and reinventing himself at every stop along the way. He was inducted into the NFWA Hall of Fame in 2002 and took a two year hiatus to learn the ways of mixed martial arts. Stevo was a two time Dynasty Wrestling World Heavyweight champion and was many peoples favorite to become the next member inducted into the hall of fame. He has an 8 year old adopted African American son named Jamal, his best friend is his head butler named Jeeves. He started out broke but acquired his vast fortune primarely through his extensive marketing abilities, resides in the outskirts of Las Vegas in a spacious mansion. Has houses all over the world. Former alcoholic and abuser of cocaine who has been sober for five years now and who doesn’t like to openly reflect upon that portion of his life at all.

Entrance Description:

*The fans are on their feet in eager anticipation as the lights in the arena start to flicker. The sVo Tron immeditely lights up and the words, “The message has been delivered” are displayed one after another as the crowd gives an extremely loud, but very mixed pop. The cheers outweigh the boo’s as a specially recorded version of “Butterflies and Hurricanes (Psyko Stevo exclusive)” by Muse reverbirates over the sound system and the image of the Psyko One is displayed for all to see on the sVo Tron, followed by the question “Which path will you choose?”.

Change everything you are
And everything you were
Your number has been called

Fights and battles have begun
Revenge will surely come
Your hard times are ahead

Highlights of some of the Psyko One’s greatest in-ring accomplishments throughout his entire career play one after another as sparks shoot out from the steel rampway as the former two time World Heavyweight Champion himself, Psyko Stevo emerges from the backstage area, a smirk on his face. Stevo is dressed in black wrestling tights and he wears a plain white t-shirt which says “The Best Around”, scribbled in magic marker, on the front. Stevo briefly stops to pose for the cameras, choosing only to nod his head and give a slight wave to the fans. After this is finished and the camera flashes subside Stevo starts to march down to the ring. As he approaches ringside, he takes off his white t-shirt and the fans cheer as he tosses it over his shoulder into the third or fourth row. Stevo then springs up onto the ring apron with grace before tossing his arms in the air and performing his trademark backflip into the ring. As the fans cheer the maneuver, Stevo hops up on the far turnbuckle and looks out at the crowd, determination on his face.


sVo Title History
2x World Heavyweight Champion
1x International Champion

– The Best Around
– The Ironman (defended the NFWA X-Treme Title over fifty times in a row without a single defeat, held the belt until the federation shut it’s doors)
– The Greatest Marketing Genius in the HISTORY of (insert fed name here)
– The Psyko One
– The Messenger

Notable Career Highlights and Title History (not all inclusive)
OWF World Heavyweight Champion (held until close of federation)
OWF Hardcore Champion (held until close of federation)
NFWA Ultimate Champion (held until close of federation)
NFWA International Champion
NFWA X-Treme Champion (held until close of federation)
NFWA Tag Team Champion (with T-Money)
DW Cruiserweight Champion (First ever single holder)
DW World Champion (x2, held until federation closed both times)
XWF HART Champion (As Incognito)
XWF World Champion
XWF X-Treme Champion (at least 3 seperate occasions)
XWF Canadian Champiion
XHF Phoenix Champion (merged U.S. and Hardcore Titles together)
ECCWF World Champion (held until I defeated owner and took over promotion)
ECCWF X-Treme Champion
– Former owner of Generation Next League (GNL)
– Former owner of ECCWF (company acquired in a match aginst owner)
– Former International Divison manager in Dynasty Wrestling
– Former broadcaster of “Breakdown” program in XWF
– Undefeated at Global Takeover
– Winner of Organized Chaos 2
– Kept Shawn Storm out of the DW Hall of Fame 🙂

Written By

The owner of the Sanctioned Violence Organization

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