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Angelica Brooks here with an interesting tidbit coming out of the Windy City.

Apparently the Universe has a sense of humor and saw fit to have Arthur Pleasant defeat John Sektor for the LSD Title this past Sunday night at High Octane Wrestling’s annual March to Glory event in Chicago, Illinois. Why this is interesting to us here in PRIME is that “the Provocateur” decided to make a bunch of – in this reporter’s opinion – ludicrous contract demands following his big win. These demands have both new HOW CEO Michael Lee Best and proxy owner Michael Oliver Best suggesting that Pleasant try his luck asking for them here in Sin City instead.

When asked for comment on the matter, Michael Lee Best’s former Group of Death stablemate and current SuPRIME Ruler, Lindsay Troy, had this to say:

“Yes, I’m sure Arthur Pleasant would love to make a living wage competing under our banner, however both Skylar Montgomery and Jimmy Bonafide have better chances of being rehired than Arthur does working for me.”

Besides the fact that Troy and Pleasant hate each other’s guts, it’s important to note that Jimmy Bonafide met his untimely demise via a monster truck courtesy of Muriel Puddings nearly three months ago, and the last time anyone saw Skylar Montgomery he was trying out his one-man lighttube and kendo stick show in the alleys of London. But that’s neither here nor there.

Before declining further comment, Troy congratulated Mike Best on defeating Prospector Pete, his retirement and new position within HOW, and wished long-time HOW commentator Benny Newell all the best.


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