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Mike Manson

Mike Manson




New York City, New York (Manhattan)

Theme Music
“Jail” by Down

Wrestling Style:
Mike was once a great technical wrestler. However, in the past two years he has focused more on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has incorporated that into his wrestling.

Finishing Move:
Inverted DDT

Finishing Move Description:
Breaking apart from the world of fancy names and fancy moves for finishers, Mike Manson just applies a simple, yet devastating, inverted DDT

Top Five Moves:
Fisherman’s suplex
Triangle choke
Guillotine head lock
Arm bar

Character Bio:
At the age of 21, Mike Manson came out of the dessert and decided that it was time to make his name known in the world of professional wrestling… and he did just that.

Oddly enough, within a few years Mike thought that the name became bigger than himself. He won many championships, got many awards, was inducted into Hall of Fames for several different promotions but just wasn’t happy. He found himself hating himself more each day and hating wrestling. The day Mike realized this he disappeared from the world of wrestling.

He did, though, make a brief come back in the summer of 2007 for a short lived promotion. The Mike Manson that entered that ring was very different from the demonic and tortured soul of yesteryear; the Mike Manson that was there was now completely different and surprisingly upbeat, which may have to do with him studying the teachings of the Buddha and other Eastern philosophies.
Mike, now 30, has also recently studied martial arts techniques and plans to not only incorporate them into his wrestling but to also compete in Mixed Martial Art competitions.

Entrance Description:
Once Mike’s music begins to play the lights in the arena usually turn off. However, the path where Mike will walk from the entrance of the stage to the ring is completely lit. Mike calmly walks to the ring wearing a hoodie and shorts. Right before Mike gets to the steps of the ring, he takes off his hoodie. He then slaps each step before walking up them, then slaps each turnbuckle that is above the steps he just climbed up. Once Manson finishes this routine, he sits on the middle rope with the top rope on his shoulder. Usually, he then takes a deep inhale while looking around at the crowd. Once he gets in the ring and in the corner he does a long exhale and is ready to wrestle.

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The owner of the Sanctioned Violence Organization

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