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Showdown 150 is now live, with Bobby Dean competing in the main event on the last show before his sVo Championship shot at the...

sVo Events

Bobby Dean takes on Bronson Johnson in the main event and Night answers Hugo Ryzing's challenge, in the last event before Roll the Dice...

P:V Events

The P:V Championship is up for grabs in the main event as Curtis Knight takes on Stevie Rigg!


sVo Showdown 149 hits the TheHOTvNetwork on PWA_TV as Night competes in the main event against ‘Brawling’ Bronson Johnson and sVo Champion August Lazar...

sVo Events

Night takes on Bronson Johnson in the main event, as BBD addresses the sVo Champion.


Showdown 149 hits HOTv this week as the build towards the PPV continues! On the last episode of Showdown we learned that BBD would...

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Rumours from the other side of the pond are that sVo Owner Jon Page is back in his hometown of London, England, and not...


Rumours are that after today’s P:V show which saw Darwin Jones, Curtis Knight and Athena all leave the sVo and sign contracts with P:V,...


The rumours coming out of Las Vegas right now is that the sVo might soon be cutting it’s talent roster to make room for...

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"Jon, I burned my bridge with Jimmy Moretti a long time ago, and I did it because I believed in Dynasty Wrestling. And yet, where were you when it was time to return to the favor? Where were you when I was suspended from Project: Violence and stripped of the championship I’d worked so hard to hold on to? "

- Mike Best (28th October 2007)

Upcoming Events

P:V Uprising 42
7th May 2023
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas
Live on HOTv!

Roll the Dice 2023 PPV
14th May 2023
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas
Live on HOTv!


#1 – William Vorheez (sVo)
#2 – Big Aug (sVo)
#3 – Bobby Dean (sVo)
#4 – Johnny Moretti (sVo)
#5 – Rick Reid (sVo)

#1 – Black Bros (sVo)
#2 – Blood Money (sVo)
#3 – Southern Boys (sVo)
#4 – Canadian Conn (sVo)
#5 – Rebel Society (P:V)



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