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Interview with Captain D

Candi Cross catches up with the Captain.

Interview with Captain D – 8th December 2007
By Candi Cross

Candi Cross: Captain D, you have only been in the sVo for a short while now, but what is your opinion of the federation so far?

Captain D: So far Ms. Cross, I like it. I like it and enjoy it, and everyone here is really nice, except for that hooligan Howie Banks. He needs a time out!

Candi Cross: Even though you have so far only had a handful of matches, who do you see as your biggest rival in the sVo?

Captain D: My biggest rival? I haven’t really thought about that Ms. Cross. See, I’m not a violent individual. In fact, it seems like everytime that bell rings, I go crazy. I don’t know what it is, one moment I’m thinking “I would like to shake his hand.” Then, the ring-ring-ring and I’m all “I want to rip his head off and shove it up butt!” Weird, huh?! Hehe.

Candi Cross: A win last week against Jason Cash showed just what a talented competitor you are. What are your future plans in the sVo, and where would you like to see yourself in a months time?

Captain D: Well, obviously I would like to see myself be moved up in the company, with the respect of everyone. In a month, perhaps I will be the Hardcore Champion, if not, it’s not big deal, because one shouldn’t label themselves as “great” by holding a championship–it’s how they view themselves is when they’re labeled great… hehe, I just did a show about that. Isn’t that neat-o? Hehe.

Candi Cross: You have a big match this week where you will battle Spring Heeled Jack for the sVo Hardcore Championship belt, just how do you rate your opponent?

Captain D: Oh, I rate him quite high. He’s an exceptional wrestler, a great joke teller, and most of all, he’s my greatest threat in the match. Hehe! I’ve never been in a hardcore match before, and honestly, I’m nervous. But with that being said, I can not speak on how I will act once that bell is rang. I go crazy! Isn’t that special?! Hehe! But, Spring Heeled Jack, he’s tough. Real tough. Tougest I’ve face to date.

Candi Cross: And of course Howie Banks is the special guest referee for this match, do you think he will be able to call it down the middle considering your scuffle last week on Showdown?

Captain D: That hooligan is my referee? Why am I not surprised? Synicism is not my game, but sometimes, life hands you rhubarb, and you just don’t like rhubarb, and you wanted lemons so you could have some lemonade, you know? But all you have are those stinkin’ rhubarbs… yeah, I don’t like rhubarb. What was the question again? Hehehe.

Candi Cross: If you could take on anyone at the Seasons Beatings PPV, who would it be and why?

Captain D: That’s a great question that I really can’t answer. I respect all here, even that vagabond Howard Banks, so I’d really be excited to be on the card. I missed the last show because of some transportation issues, and I can’t have that happen again. As I recall, someone poured sugar in my gas-tank. Could that have been Jack? Perhaps. Hmmm…

Candi Cross: Captain D, you have only been in the sVo for a short while now, but what is your opinion of the federation so far?

Captain D: Well Ms. Cross, it’s home for me now. I feel the need to show the world who I am, and what I can do. I’m not going to take being pushed aroung by people like Howard Banks or Barney the Dinosaur, oh no, I will not. But, I will be more than happy to face anyone in the ring and give them the beating of their life–isn’t that cool beans?! Hahahehe!

Candi Cross: If you could bring one person from your past into the sVo who would it be and why?

Captain D: Well, I had a buddy named Wrists in old federation. We had one match together, in fact, it was my very first match, and that was only like two matches ago, but I feel that he needed help. He was very depressed and hung out with kids that were dressed in black and had their hair hanging in front of their faces. They listened to depressing music about kids not getting attention and their girlfriends breaking their hearts. I think someone referred to them as Emus. I don’t see what they have in common with the cousin of an Ostrich, but I don’t get a lot of things… hehe.

Candi Cross: What has been the main motivation behind your career as a wrestler to date?

Captain D: Really, I like competition. I don’t like violence, so I can’t really say why I became a Professional Wrestler. Doesn’t make any sense, does it? Nope, it doesn’t. I don’t like rhubarbs, that doesn’t make sense either, because I like a lot of veggies.

Candi Cross And lastly, if you could say one thing to the fans of the sVo, what would it be?

Captain D: Well, you may think of me as a docile, sleeping giant ready to explode, but fear not. I’m a man of my word, and I do not renig on that. If you all love me, that is fine. If you all hate me, I will be sad. Perhaps I will cry. But I will be fine. But don’t expect for people to walk all over this Captain, oh no… because when push comes to shove, you’ll find out what I’m made of, and that’s a promise! Hehe. Have a spectuonderful day children! Hehe!

Written By

The owner of the Sanctioned Violence Organization

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