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The following was sent to for public consumption before tonight’s Refueled live at The Best Arena in Chicago…

Get ready to start SIMPIN UP FOR MUPRHY!

Murphy Doyle Maher, the former Fight NYC and EWA Fan favorite has reportedly signed on to HOW, ending a year plus respite from the limelight of larger promotions. Don’t call it a comeback though, as Maher has taken to smaller promotions in Minnesota and neighboring states Wisconsin, Iowa, and both of the Dakotas. You may recall the last time we saw Murphy was on FIGHT NYC’s Ascension pay-per-view where he and his mentor, NYC legend Kal X Wolf, helped to end the reigh of terror being commited by Kal’s sister, and Murphy’s fiance, Sarah ‘Dollface’ Wolf.

While the level of talent is questionable, one thing is not; The level of dedication the fans have for MDM, who despite only appearing in five states has sold out of his merchendise every night without fail. Fans have even gone so far as to sing a song out of respect for the star set to the tune of the Dropkick Murphy’s ‘Shipping up to boston.’ Substituting the words ‘ Shipping up to boston’ with ‘I’m Simping Up For Murphy!’

Our source tells us that Murphy is excited to return to action on a grander scale and leave behind the turmoil that plagued his time in FNYC. When contacted for comment, Murphy had this to say

“I nay said I was gon’ fereveh. I said I was gon’ fernaw. But that was den, and dis is naw. And naw, is time teh get back teh werk.”

What does the future hold for Murhphy Doyle Maher? Who can say. But hopefully it’s nothing as bad as the past, such as the 10 years in jail for manslaughter and the whole girlfriend going insane and trying to murder everyone things.


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The owner of the Sanctioned Violence Organization

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