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El Froggo

Name: El Froggo

Aliases: N/A

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 175lbs

Date of Birth: December 11, 1989

Crowd Reaction: Cheer

Hometown: Mexico

Entrance Music: DJ Snake – Taki Taki

Fighting Style: Luchador

Finisher Name: Feeling Froggy

Finisher Description: Frog Splash

Signature Moves: Monkey Flip

Standing Moves: Back Suplex, Arm Drag Takedown, Snap Suplex, Jawbreaker,

Running Moves: Head scissors takedown, Jumping Calf Kick, Double Knees in the corner

High Flying Moves: Springboard Dropkick, Springboard Moonsault, Springboard Tornado DDT

Submission Holds: None

Personality Traits: El Froggo loves to entertain the fans, it is almost as important to him as winning the match. El Froggo is a proud Mexican luchador, and the mask is sacred to him.

Career History: GCW, sVo

Other Information: El Froggo originally made his American debut in GCW, before returning to compete in the sVo in 2020. El Froggo is famous in Mexico, but is now looking to cement his legacy in the States.

Entrance Description: DJ Snake – Taki Taki hits the sound system and the fans watch on as the energetic El Froggo makes his way out from behind the curtain! El Froggo dances around the top of the entrance ramp, getting the crowd pumped up! El Froggo quickly makes his way down the entrance ramp, moving from side to side to slap the hands of as many fans as possible! El Froggo leaps up onto the ring apron, before valunting himself into the ring and rushing across to bounce off the nearest ropes! El Froggo leaps up to the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle before turning and posing for the crowd!

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