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DEF – BRAZEN Presents: 4/2 and 4/3 Double Shot!

Before we get to DEFCON, BRAZEN’s Best and Brightest forge their own path to the next CLASH of the BRAZEN on May 9th and… they get to go on the ROAD, you say? You bet they do! Find out where by checking the latest Double Shot results!

BIG Trouble look to make BIG TROUBLE for BRAZEN Champion Jack Halcyon and #1 Contender Declan Alexander! Jack Halcyon also deals with a SPOOKY challenger for his title! The Tag Titles, the Onslaught and BRAZEN Star Cup are all the line! 

Saturday 4/2 Results

1. BIG Trouble (BIGBOSS Batts, BIG Kahuna Ali’i and BIG Aug) defeated Midcard Experiment (Walter Levy, CAGE and Hijo del Fishman Deluxe) @ 3:59 with the BIG Cobra Twist on Hijo (BIG Aug submits Hijo)

2. FLAMBERGE and Jeff Ness fought to a double count-out at 6:55

3. OnlyFlips (Kenny Yi and Lee Laz w/Liz Icarus) defeated Customer Support (Simon Kinsberg and Trevor Manning) @ 9:36 with Premium Content (Hanging Neckbreaker/450 Splash combo) 

4. Brayden W. Levrington defeated Somchai @ 4:46 with the Autograph (leaping neckbreaker)

5. BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: Michael Van Warren (c) defeated MASSIVE Cowboy @ 6:46 with the Zodiac Spear to retain the title!

6. The Tech Giants (Uriel Cortez and Dan Leo James) defeated To The Maxx (Exclusive Eric Wilson and Lovely Lance Mingle @ 5:01 with the CET (Spinning Fireman’s Carry Slam) on Mingle (James pins Mingle)

7. “Mellow Yellow” George Othello defeated Strong AF @ 8:09 with the Leg Up (figure four kneebar)

8. Declan “DEC4L” Alexander defeated Bobby Horrigan @ 11:01 with the Play Of The Game (Jumping Cutter)

9. BRAZEN Championship: “One Shot” Jack Halcyon defeated Count Novick @ 13:05 with the Sit-and-Go (Frog Splash) to retain the championship!

Sunday 4/3 Results

1. BRAZEN Star Cup: Leyenda de Ocho defeated Rhys Collins one fall to zero to retain the cup @ 15:00 Time Limit

2. Customer Support (Simon Kinsberg and Trevor Manning) defeated OnlyFlips (Kenny Yi and Lee Laz) @ 9:52 with the Rain Check (Shining Wizard, Manning pins Yi)

3. NO DQ Match: Black Metal defeated Doug “Moonshine” Matton @ 7:06 with A Blaze In The Northern Sky (Senton bomb) through a table

4. Wild Logan Berry defeated “Cunning” Curt Cunning @ 2:55 with Dead and Barried (Pop-up into left hand)

5. Les Enfants Terribles (Archer Silver, High Flyer IV, Kazuhiro Troy and Killjoy) fought the Viking War Cult (Cul, Ivar and Floki Holmstrom and Torvald the Destroyer) to a no contest @ 9:45

6. High Investigations (Eddie Cheno and Tornado T-Rex Titilayo) defeated Thugs 4 Hire (Emilio Byrd and Hurtlocker Holt) @ 6:26 with Sucks To Be Air Bud (brainbuster/splash combo, Cheno pins Byrd

7. Nathan Cross defeated Cristiano Caballero @ 8:19 with the Crossover (rolling cutter)

8. BRAGG defeated Roosevelt Owens @ 4:55 with Sorry About Your Jaw (STIFF Right hand) and a chokeslam

9. BRAZEN Tag Team Championships: The New Rain City Ronin (Zack Daymon and Leo Burnett) defeated The Conclave (Reinhardt Hoffman and Gunther Adler) @ 13:05 with a jackknife pin (Burnett pins Adler) to retain the titles!

10. BIG Trouble (BIGBOSS Batts and BIG Kahuna Ali’i w/BIG Aug) defeated “One Shot” Jack Halcyon and Declan Alexander @ 15:45 with the BIG Kahuna Kick (Savate Kick) and BIGBOSS BRAIN on Alexander (Batts pins Declan) 


–Challenges everywhere!!!

–Not only did the newly-formed BIG Trouble make an impactful debut as a trio, they have already helped BIGBOSS Batts throw a spanner in the works of the May 9th CLASH of the BRAZEN Main Event! Jack Halcyon and Declan Alexander wanted Batts in a tag match. BIGBOSS agreed but only if he would be added to the CLASH main event if he won. They agreed, but they would regret that decision! With the interference from BRAZEN’s Biggest Man August Lazar, Batts pinned Alexander to earn his way into the next Clash main event!

–Before that event happens, Jack Halcyon has set his sights on proving himself as a fighting champ and defeated the very game Count Novick to retain! After the weekend’s events concluded, Halcyon promised to take on all comers… including a challenged issued by Nathan Cross! Cross has opened eyes everywhere and gets his shot at the gold at the next Double Shot! Between Cross,  BIGBOSS Batts wanting the gold, Declan Alexander still awaiting the CLASH match, the gutsy “One Shot” has plenty on his plate!

–Michael Van Warren picked right up where he left off during his first run with the Onslaught Championship! He defeated the first ever holder Gerardo Villalobos in a brawl to retain. Another former champion, BRAGG, repeated his last statement and demanded a shot st the belt he was never pinned for. MvW simply retorted: “No. I don’t give handouts to New Orleans washouts” referring to BRAGG’s local status as a famed indy wrestler in the region. This won’t be the end of this issue.

–The New Rain City Ronin show no signs of slowing down by defeating a different version of The Conclave, this time beating Hoffman and Adler… but a SURPRISE challenge has been made by an unexpected duo! Tag Party 3 finalists the Tech Giants (Dan Leo James and DEFIANCE star Uriel Cortez) put their team back together on BRAZEN events and have challenged New Rain City Ronin for the CLASH of the BRAZEN! The crowd came alive after the announcement! Daymon and Burnett have yet to respond but we will let you know! 

–BRAZEN Star Cup holder Leyenda de Ocho overcame a rib injury to retain his title over Rhys Collins, who made his ribs the target of his attacks! Still, Leyenda overcame the odds to win with a la majistral to retain! No challengers have stepped forward yet, but rumor has it that the luchador Black Metal wants a crack. “Mellow Yellow” George Othello has been on an upswing, along with Brayden W. Levrington and BRAZEN mainstay Jesse Harrison have wanted to challenge as well! Plenty of challengers lie ahead for the very busy Ocho!


–Nathan Cross has logged another win and has been showing off since the last CLASH! Now he earns a shot at the BRAZEN Championship at the next Double Shot against the very man he debuted against!

–Luchador Black Metal wins again, this time in a No DQ match against Doug “Moonshine” Matton! Rumors are he looks down on Leyenda de Ocho for being a “hipster luchador” and that he is coming for the BRAZEN Star Cup!

–Two newer prospects, the French phenom FLAMBERGE and the Earthbound fan Jeff Ness collided, only to fight to a double countout! A rematch will be scheduled at the next Double Shot!

–That wasn’t the only No Contest situation. Les Enfants Terribles have been duking it out with the Viking War Cult for weeks with no clear victor as of yet. LET have run the BRAZEN Championship division via Killjoy, the tag division via Archer Silver and High Flyer IV and Kazuhiro Troy the winner of Tag Party 3, but VWC held the World Trios titles for a long time. 

–OnlyFlips and Customer Support traded wins, hoping for the next BRAZEN Tag Team Title shot! 

–Former Golden Gloves boxer Wild Logan Barry made his debut and laid out Curt Cunning with a pop-up left hand called Dead and Barried! With new wrestlers looking for attention with DEFCON looming, who will break out from the pack?


–As noted, the first match is now official! It will be a triple threat for the BRAZEN Championship when “One Shot” Jack Halcyon defends against both the Golden Opportunity Rumble winner Declan “DEC4L” Alexander and the newly-added BIGBOSS Batts! 

–And with the announcement of DEFIANCE making a trip on the road, It has been announced that the next CLASH of the BRAZEN special will take place on the road as well! CLASH will take place at the historic War Memorial Auditorium in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida! Be sure to get your tickets live and come get a good look at the future of DEFIANCE! Also, be sure to check out UNCUT this week followed by DEFCON! 


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The owner of the Sanctioned Violence Organization

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