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Billy Jacobs

‘The Preacher’ Billy Jacobs

246 lbs.



Greenville, South Carolina

Theme Music
“Destiny” by Stratovarius

Wrestling Style:
Methodical / High Impact

Finishing Move:
Bow Your Head

Finishing Move Description:
Jumping Downward Sprial

Top Ten Moves:
Right Hand of God – Springboard Superman Punch
Kneel and Pray – Rock Bottom into a backbreaker
Exploder Suplex
Diving Forearm Smash
RIb Breaker
Swinging DDT
Standing Senton Leg Drop
Snapmare (followed by a dropkick to the face)
Haymaker Uppercut (Mortal Kombat style)
Camel Clutch

Character Bio:
William Robert Jacobs is the son of a preacher. In his early teens, Billy grew out of his religious upbringing and started running with the wrong crowd, much to the disapproval of his father. Billy had numerous run-ins with the law, and eventually ran away from home. All this led to one night that changed Billy’s life.

Given a second chance in life, Billy renewed his faith in God, and set out on a mission to seek out and destroy evil, and spread the word of God.

(More detail on Billy Jacobs’ history will be revealed through roleplays, and his overall character devlopment.)

Entrance Description:
Suddenly the lights in the arena go out, and the V-Tron begins to flicker. As quickly as it came alive, the giant screen goes black again. The mysterious singing voice of a lone choir boy comes over the PA system as “Destiny” by Stratovarius begins to play. After a short time, more voices join in the singing, and a brilliant white light coming from the now active V-Tron illuminates the arena. Through the bright light, Billy Jacobs’ silhouette can be seen onstage. His head is bowed as if in prayer, but soon lifts up slowly. He scans the crowd as he makes his way to the top of the ramp.

As Jacobs makes his way down to the ring, the crowd gives him a mixed reaction. When he reaches the ring, the light from the V-Tron fades, and the lights in the arena return to normal. He slowly walks up the ring stairs, and climbs in between the ropes. Once in the ring, Jacobs goes to the corner, crouches down, and waits for the match to start.

Written By

The owner of the Sanctioned Violence Organization

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