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BIG Kahuna Ali’i

Big Kahuna Ali’i (born Lucas ‘Luke” Ali’i) is a young man from Hawaii with a background in high-level amateur wrestling.

Name: BIG Kahuna Ali’i

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 322lbs

Crowd Reaction: Cheer

Hometown: Pearl City, HI

Entrance Music: “Trouble’s Coming” by Royal Blood

Fighting Style: Mobile super heavyweight who likes the suplexes

Finisher Name: Impact Crater

Finisher Description: Top Rope Splash

Signature Moves: Savate Kick (high and low) Leapfrog over oncoming opponent –> big boot/savate kick on the return Standing Ura-nage Suplex Corner Back Elbow —> Lucha roll out of the corner —> Corner Splash

Standard Moves: Multiple Suplex variations (Overhead, Head and Arm, Snap, Exploder, German suplexes), Shoulder Tackle, Samoan Drop, Swinging side slam backbreaker, Forearm Smashes, open-handed chops, Leaping leg drop, Falling powerslam, Front powerslam, the occasional athletic roll/leapfrog to surprise opponents.

Personality Traits: Stoic and quiet, but follows Batts’ mantra of looking to scrap. Less of a talker than BIGBOSS but when he talks, his words count.

Career History: Pearl City Championship Wrestling, DEFIANCE/BRAZEN

Biography: Big Kahuna Ali’i (born Lucas ‘Luke” Ali’i) is a young man from Hawaii with a background in high-level amateur wrestling. Originally, he didn’t want much to do with professional wrestling until his older brother, Nick, passed away in a tragic in-ring accident from a botched back body drop where he planted on his head and was put on life support. From that point on, Big Kahuna dedicated the entirety of his up-and-coming career to his brother and after meeting up with Batts in DEFIANCE, has taken to tag teaming with Batts. Still somewhat a rookie with only four years experience to Batts’ twelve, learning from Batts as he goes but still a load of potential. He, too, likes to dress loudly during segments and interviews and is often seen wearing either slick suits or boss… nay, BIG KAHUNA fur coat to show how cool he thinks he is, but the fans love a big, agile dude throwing people around.

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