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The owner of the Sanctioned Violence Organization


Despite last week the odds being against him two weeks ago, with former sVo Champion William Vorheez returning and claiming to be the rightful...


The sVo returns to action after the New Year’s break with its first event of 2021 on the 24th January with another episode of...


Name: Joe Barone Height:  Weight:  Crowd Reaction: Boo Hometown: Naples, Italy Entrance Music: ‘Woke Up This Morning’ by A3 Finisher Name: x Finisher Description: x Fighting Style: Powerhouse Signature Moves: x Personality...


Welcome to the second version of the sVo Power Rankings! We take a look back at Against All Odds #2, and take a look...


Name: Yoshi Ono Height: 6’3” Weight: 425lbs Crowd Reaction: Boo Hometown: Fukuoka, Japan Entrance Music: ‘GTA’ by Meek Mill Finisher Name: Ono And Out Finisher Description: Over the shoulder reverse piledriver Fighting...


We head back to 2008 for Showdown #21 and the fallout from the sVo Destiny 2008 PPV! There is a huge return as the...


Name: Kat Kellison Height: 5’6” Weight: 125lbs Crowd Reaction: Cheer Hometown: Venice, Los Angeles Entrance Music: X Finisher Name: X Finisher Description: X Fighting Style: Brawler Signature Moves: X Personality Traits: x Career History: sVo Other...

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Gunner Lang takes on JVD in a main event bout whilst Anthony Moretti fights back.


CJ Dreamer looks for revenge against Scott Washington in the main event of the evening!

PPV Events

The last sVo event of 2020 features the vacant sVo Championship up for grabs in the triple threat main event!